Our work

Animal Birth Control Program

     One of our most impactful actions is helping control the population of street dogs. By committing to the root cause of suffering of stray animals we can make lasting changes in Rishikesh. Over population is a harsh contributor to any environment as it greatly diminishes the quality of life of the animals, creating a breeding ground for disease and illness. Because man is the primary food source from which city animals survive from it creates an intense competition for food sources. The result is pack run or individual territories in small areas of land. It also negatively affects the attitude of local people towards them, causing a lack of empathy and disassociation due to the mass amount of suffering that can be seen.    

By limiting the population of street dogs we help eliminate intense competition, over population, the spreading of disease and the decrease of rabies incidents in a country where millions of human lives are lost every year due to this disease.

If you are in the Rishikesh area you are able to recognize our dogs by their distinguished clipping of their ear. These dogs have been sterilized (spayed/neutered) and have been given appropriate vaccines like DAP and rabies. The reason for this cut is to identify our dogs easily and keep record of which dogs do not need to be sterilized.