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About us

About us

Karma Animal Trust (KAT) originally started in 2014 as a collaboration with Rishikesh Animal Rescue Project to perform an annual spay/neuter program in Rishikesh, India.
We started to maintain medical care throughout the year after realizing there was much work to be done.

In 2016 KAT registered in India as an official NGO and to date is the only legal entity working to better the lives of street animals in Rishikesh.

Over the years we have helped countless dogs, cats, mules and cows overcome medicial issues by acting as the liason between the streets and local veterinarians. We provide medical care, vaccinations, deworming, parasite, feeding and other care to ensure the longevity of the dogs we aid. Our investment into their wellness is an investment into the community of Rishikesh.

Beginning in 2014 we actively participate in an Animal Birth Control Project organized by Siberia-India. During the Project more than 300 dogs in Rishikesh were sterilized. We now partner with other Indian NGO's to keep the project going year-round.

Our mission

Our goal is to create an environment in Rishikesh,  India, that is safe and friendly for all inhabitants, be it animal or human. We aim to demonstrate a healthier way of living in India that other communities can model from. By bringing awareness to people about animals’ rights and welfare, we actively create the reality we desire to live in.


Our team

 Our team of volunteers dedicates countless hours to help the street dogs of India. Our team is comprised of locals from the city of Rishikesh and foriegn travelers. All of us share the same passion of helping dogs who suffer and taking action against it. Every year our cause grows because of the dedication of our volunteers. Whether its work from abroad or work done on the street, it takes every team member to ensure the success of our projects.  

Meet our family

Rahul Nagar
Ines Pasqualini
Nikki Mares
Tatyana Panova
Nuri Mares
Neeta Raniga